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Real estate investment is a great way of earning more income, start a new career or become a Real Estate entrepreneur.  It is also a primary source of income for many real estate professionals.  The basic goal of real estate investing is to find good properties at a low price and sell them later on when the value increases.  You can also buy a property, rent it out and earn rental income while you own the property.  Real estate investment is an effective and serious way of acquiring a passive income stream.

For you to maximize your earnings in real estate, you need to be associated with other people who are involved in the business.  Seriously consider joining a local real estate investors association to further your education and learn from those already doing it.  We have listed below some of the reasons why you should join a local real estate investors association.

Meet New People
Many of you will be operating alone, but it is still a great idea to meet new people so that you can be able to learn from them as they share their thoughts and ideas with you and at REIA meetings.  You might have strategies and knowledge that you would like to share with them as well.  This can help you create more contacts for future clients.  Some of the members may even help you as well by referring you to potential buyers, clients or customers.  This can certainly speed up your chances of being successful rather than doing it all alone.

Learn, Gain Knowledge & Earn
Local Real Estate Investor Associations are also a great place to learn not only from other members of the Association, but to gain more knowledge, strategies, and solutions from provided Classes, occasional Seminars and visiting Real Estate Speakers from the Local, State and National level.  The Association may also bring in specialists and local, state or federal officials associated with the Real Estate Industry.  This may involve reasonable little or no cost to you, depending on your membership.     

Find Great Deals
If you are looking or planning to buy a new house or  condo, you may be able to find some great deals by just reaching out to other members of the Association.

Find Potential Buyers
You can easily look for potential buyers since the other members may also be looking for new properties to acquire either for themselves or their clients.

Find Co-Investors
Often times when you are looking to buy a new property, you may have difficulties when you lack available adequate funds.  If you are a member of an association, you may be able to find other members who are interested in the same deal and some of them may agree to become co-investors with you.  In that case you will not miss out on a good opportunity solely because of lack of funds.

Continuous Updates
Participating in such associations and organizations will certainly help keep you updated on the latest trends in the real estate industry.  This will result in you being constantly aware about the top news and important regulations that affect your work.  You will be able to learn from your fellow members as well.

If you interested in joining our Association, please feel free to contact us today!
Welcome to Our Community!

We are new and experienced real estate investors, rental housing providers, wholesalers, retailers, note investors, who buy, sell, and manage properties in the Gulf Coast Central Florida area and all across the Gulf to Texas.

The American Real Estate Investment, (AREIA) members learn the best strategies and solutions for making money in today's real estate market.  They share resources, and network with other like-minded people from all over the region.   Our semi-monthly meetings feature the best local, regional, and national experts available today. 

 You can also join one of our many 
special-focus subgroup meetings, which caters to your favorite strategy or area of town!

AREIA provides tons of benefits for real estate entrepreneurs from cash back and discounts from your favorite vendors and service providers to legislative action and connections with other investors throughout Florida and the Gulf Coast region from Florida to Texas.  We do this through our membership in the American Real Estate Investor's Association (AREIA). 

Check us out by attending your first meeting FREE--download a guest pass for any main meeting (1st Tuesday of each month) by downloading a free guest pass--just click on any "Main meeting" on the calendar on the website.

When you meet each member of our 
amazing group, we know you'll want to 
become part of our community, too!  
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